My Story

As a professional artist with experience spanning over three decades, my journey in the world of art has been a vibrant exploration of creativity and connection. Throughout this time, I have ceated a distinctive collection of contemporary paintings, fine art prints, and cards,

I discovered my love of remote landscapes roaming the hills as a child on family holidays in Scotland where my sister and I were free to explore the surrounding area of which ever cottage we would be staying in. It was then I climbed my first hill where we discovered a cairn with a ram’s skull on the top. This captured my imagination and I was out at every opportunity.

I walked the Cleveland way at 15, was given a tent for my 18th birthday, and then spent as much time as possible camping and walking in the Lake District with friends, on the Pentland Hills in Scotland, along the North East coast where I lived or with my grandma on the remote moors at Blanchland.

I absolutely loved working for a summer on a small dairy farm in Washington State USA, where ash deposits from the volcanic eruption of Mount St Helens still lay on the dry dusty earth.  Every day was hot and sunny with no clouds in the sky, it was then that I came to the realisation that I love our sunny days, our UK skies with their ever changing cloud formations adding drama, interest and also rain!

In my travels across the USA, I found inspiration in the many diverse landscapes and cityscapes—from the Rockies to the Vegas lights.

My husband and I would often take our 4 children for walks along the coast and on adventures in the Northumbrian hills, bagging trig points and searching for cup and ring marks, which are a form of prehistoric art sculptured into rocks found in the Atlantic seaboard of Europe. These unusual marks provided inspiration for some of my early textile work.

Walking the Wainwrights in the Lake District has become my latest adventure. I thrive on the elements in harmony and disharmony, sunshine and tranquillity, turbulence, thunder and lightning, fighting gale force winds, lashing hail and snow as we bag another Wainwright, offering inspiration in all weather. I love our green and pleasant land with its abundant trees, rivers, lakes, fauna and flora. These experiences serve as the backbone of my work, infusing each piece with the raw beauty and emotion that nature so generously bestows.

Creative from an early age, my mother taught me to sew when I was three, this developed into a great love of mine. I became a textile artist for many years, my creative journey evolving from textiles to specialising in acrylics and oils, my inspiration continuing throughout.

Whether beneath a cloud-kissed sky or bathed in the golden hues of sunshine, I have traversed landscapes, absorbing the drama and emotions of misty peaks and the rich, earthy colors that define the natural world. It is these moments of escape to the countryside, as I immerse myself in the natural landscape around me that inspire my work and fuel my artistic spirit.

My studio serves as both a sanctuary of creativity and a launch pad for en plein air adventures. I work to capture the essence of beauty, drama, and emotion, each piece I create is an invitation for the viewer to embark on a visual journey. Through a specially chosen colour palette tailored to evoke specific emotions, whether through acrylic or oil paint, I strive to infuse my creations with an atmosphere that resonates with joy, peace, excitement, and a sense of place for the viewer.

Colour and texture serve as my voice, colour bringing atmosphere and emotion, texture evoking mood creating a sensory experience. Layer by layer, I build textures with a palette knife adding depth that not only enriches the visual experience but also contributes to the narrative within each piece.

My art is an invitation for you to embark on a visual journey—a journey that captures the essence of beauty and drama, inviting you to experience the emotions.

Thank you for joining me on my journey

Past Exhibitions

Haslam’s of Hallgate – Hexham England
Edinburgh Festival – Edinburgh Scotland
Frederick Street Gallery – Sunderland England
The Exchange – North Shields England
Durham Art Gallery – Durham England
Three Dimensions – Isle of Arran Scotland
Burnside Gallery – Isle of Arran Scotland
Flat Cat Gallery – Lauder Scotland
Phoenix Contemporary – Glasgow Scotland
Queens Hall Arts Centre – Hexham England
Artworks – Newcastle-upon-Tyne England
Newcastle Arts Centre – England
Kielder Castle – England
Cornmill Gallery – Hexham England
Moot Hall – Hexham England
Bondgate Gallery – Alnwick England
Country Living Exhibition – England
The Royal Show – England

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